The Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe Night Edition is Hauntingly Beautiful

The Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe Night Edition is everything that’s right with the automaker. It’s a high-powered, smooth performing machine, that’s decked out to be neutral, professional and just a bit edgy all at once. It’s the type of car you can’t help but noticing as it drives by, but it doesn’t stick out like a Cherry Red Corvette does. It’s more subtle, cooler and a whole lot more exciting.


Cool and Mysterious

The S-Class Night Edition gets a full makeover giving it a more serious look. This model comes fitted with a bunch of dark accented features, including the mirror housings, the wheels, the grille and the side sills. It comes with a “Night Edition” badge on the front fender as well to denote the special edition. The car comes with optional Selenite Gray Magno paint, but we can’t imagine this whole setup working properly with anything else.

Dark and Dangerous within

Of course the Night Edition car wouldn’t be complete without a full dark treatment inside as well. The seating and most of the material throughout the vehicle is either Nappa leather, leather or AMG-spec Nappa leather, and all that material is set in Crystal Grey, black, Bengal Red or Saddle Brown accents to really tie in that dark look throughout the interior. The inside of the car also shows off a black poplar wood trim, adding some classy natural accents to the leather throughout. Of course there’s “Night Edition” badging inside the S-Class as well on the steering wheel.

The Same Excellent Characteristics

While the Night Edition treatment makes the car look different, it’s still the same capable vehicle under the surface. The U.S. version of the vehicle is based on the V8 S550 and will offer a whole lot of power and driving performance. If you love the standard S550, you’ll be head over heels for the Night Edition, and its comparatively priced for such a nice appearance package.

Mercedes plans to show it off at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, so stay tuned to see the vehicle unveiled in all its glory. Perhaps the automaker will release a few more details about the vehicle in the process.




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