Mercedes Benz Integrates with Google Home Assistant for Cool Remote Features

Do you ever get sick and tired of heading out to your vehicle to start it up on cold mornings? How about rushing to climb in your car when late for work, only to find out that you are low on fuel? Well Mercedes hopes to alleviate some of those common vehicle issues or inconveniences in a nice streamlined way by making use of the Google Home assistant tool that comes with Android smartphones. Mercedes is allowing its vehicle owners to modify some of the systems in the vehicle and get information from the vehicle without ever being in it, as long as they have Google Home available.


Integration with Google Home

Google Home is a personal assistant that’s built into a wireless speaker that you can position around your home, and it’s used to do things like check the weather, set appointment reminders and make phone calls. It’s also apparently good for controlling your vehicle, at least if you have a newer Mercedes. That’s because Mercedes Benz has integrated its new vehicles with Google Home, allowing owners to control certain functions of the vehicles with simple voice commands.

Convenient Capabilities

Without ever having to get into your Mercedes you’ll be able to control a bunch of features just using your voice. You’ll be able to do things like change the temperature setting on the automatic climate control, look up fuel or even charge levels, have the doors lock or unlock or start up the vehicle, and this is just a start to all the features that will be offered eventually. These are all features that most newer vehicles from Mercedes Benz will offer, and it’s something to look forward to.

The System Works with Simple Steps

Making use of these functions is as simple as saying a couple sentences to your little Google Home hub. Users simply say “Okay Google, turn adjust temperature to 72” or “turn on car”. These basic phrases will make all the adjustments for you so that you do not have to do them manually. Heck, you don’t even have to bother touching a screen or looking in the direction of your vehicle to do it.

This is an interesting use of the new Google personal assistant tech, and it’s something that’s only going to increase in the future as luxury automakers look for new and more exciting ways to offer control over their vehicles. It’s certainly a convenient feature, and something that owners will enjoy for years to come.


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