The 2017 GLS 450 is Simple, Soft and Refined

Mercedes released its latest full-sized SUV to the public, and it’s different than you might expect. While it’s just as luxurious as most other Benz SUVs, it’s decidedly simpler to operate than many. It’s a silky smooth ride, offers decent power for smooth driving, and it’s a good solid tool for getting around from place to place with a full-sized family.


Smooth and Refined

The 2017 GLS 450 is supremely smooth when out on the highway and regular roads, but it doesn’t suffer too badly when going over a bumpy section either. It’s designed to hold up well to both conditions just fine. You’ll feel just like you’re riding around on air while in this SUV, and that’s probably because you are. That’s right, it comes standard with an air ride suspension, something that you won’t find standard in too many other vehicles at all. Not only is it nice and smooth to drive around, but it doesn’t feel large or overly bulky, and it achieves a respectable fuel economy of 22 MPG highway and 17 MPG city, unlike many of the more massive SUV options.

Just Enough Power

Some crossovers feel sluggish, that isn’t the case with this beefy SUV. The 369 lb.-ft. of torque and the 362 HP produced by the engine is more than enough to make the SUV feel light, smooth and capable. It speeds up comfortably, it merges onto highways well and handles most driving conditions without feeling slow or big. While the SUV comes with a range of driving modes, Comfort mode offered the most enjoyable performance of all with a more natural throttle response.

Highly Capable

Unibody crossovers have long been thought to be less capable than their body-on-frame counterparts, but it’s hard to argue that’s the case with the highly capable Mercedes-Benz GLS.


Other than the third row of the vehicle, the rest of it is wide open and offers plenty of storage space for everyone inside. The third row folds down and out of the way when extra cargo room is necessary. It offers plenty of space for small to mid-sized children, but adults will find the space a bit cramped.

Simple Interior

While many other luxury automakers are trying to cram as many features as they can into their cabins, that’s not the case with the GLS 450. Instead, you’ll be delighted at just how simple things are. There’s a pretty standard infotainment system and a small selection of control knobs and buttons to manage its functions. The SUV comes with plush and highly supportive seats, and it’s pretty nice to look at, but you certainly won’t be overwhelmed by too many options.

The 2017 GLS 450 is a plush and smooth, if not a bit simple, ride. It offers ample seating space within, and comes with most of the standard features that you would expect of a modern-day vehicle, but it’s refreshingly simple and easy to understand. If you’re looking for a capable SUV, that’s nice to look at and simple to operate, the GLS 450 is worth a look.


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