Mercedes Benz to Release Health Monitoring Features

Many automakers realize that driving is more dangerous than it has to be, because people with health conditions are driving around without realizing it. This is true for both commercial and casual drivers, and it’s a real issue that has to be tackled in any way possible. Mercedes is implementing a new health and fitness system in its vehicles that will help ensure that drivers are healthy enough to operate their motor vehicles, and it will inform them when they are in danger, or provide other useful tips to help them remain in good shape.


How the System Works

The vehicle system interacts with wearable tech that monitors driver’s vital signs and makes sure that drivers remain aware while traveling down the road. It will look for instances where drivers are starting to drift off while behind the wheel and take action to change the situation. The built-in computer will be looking at all that vital information throughout the trip, and responding to it accordingly.

The Features

The advanced health monitoring system watches the vital signs of drivers, and helps to keep them aware and alert so they aren’t falling asleep and crashing. The system will utilize ambient light, massage chair vibrations and scented air in order to keep passengers alert when they become drowsy. These tools should prove exceptionally useful for keeping passengers safe.

Vital Sign Vest

Mercedes also realizes that commercial drivers are going to want to be able to monitor their vital signs and their health while driving around as well. That’s why they are working on a vest that will offer many features that help maintain proper health over long stretches of driving. The vest will keep an eye on the wearer’s vital signs and look out for signs of an impending heart attack. It should help keep the driver safer, and prevent them from getting into a serious accident as well.

This health-focused system will be available on the S-Class later this year, but it’s expected to show up on many A-Class vehicles in the next generation, so a large number of owners are going to benefit from these features in the future.



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