Introducing the 2018 E-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes just released information on the latest E-Class cabriolet and it’s a nice evolution from the older model, though there are some changes that people will either love or hate. If you’re into flashy cars and an edgy look, the latest cabriolet probably isn’t for you. Mercedes went for a more understated design that works well for the vehicle. They also made major improvements to the top, creating a better convertible experience overall.


Longer But Much the Same

The only real change to the structure of the vehicle is its wheelbase. It’s 4.4 inches longer, offering a bit more legroom within, but other than that you get mostly the same setup in the 2018 model. The vehicle has the same tight steering and excellent suspension system that we’ve come to expect.

A Cleaned up Design

Mercedes took an interesting design turn with the E-Class cabriolet. The car actually loses some of its design intricacy and takes on a purer, or slightly plainer style overall. There are less creases, less tapers and straigher and smoother lines. Couple that with smaller windows and a pretty standard looking top and you get a car that doesn’t stand out as much as the old model did. Some buyers will call it plain or dull, others will call it clean and understated. This change will undoubtedly upset some buyers, but plenty will enjoy the new direction of the cabriolet.

A Capable Top

The cabriolet comes with four different top color options, black, brown, dark blue and dark red. Each option features several layers of insulation to help block out any road noise. The whole top setup weighs around 33 lbs. and will go up and down in less than 20 seconds, smoothly and silently. It’s an elegant system that really helps pull the model together and make it into a desirable vehicle. Not only that, but all the side windows on the vehicle retract fully, creating a nice clean view that’s free from pillars.

Only the E400 Model

The only way to get the cabriolet version of the Class-E is if you go for the E-400. That means you’ll get the twin-turbocharger with the 3.0 V6 and 329 HP. It comes with an auto transmission with nine total gears. Mercedes also claims that the vehicle will travel from 0 to 60 about 1 second faster, but no hard numbers have come out for that just yet. It’s possible to pick the car up in rear wheel or all-wheel drive, letting you have a vehicle that handles just the way you want it to.

Capable Design

It’s a well-known fact that most convertibles just aren’t as sturdy as coupes are. They don’t have the roof for added support, which means that they don’t hold up as well to crashes and other issues. Mercedes went a long way to address these issues with added structural engineering. There’s “X” bracing up underneath the engine. There is also “V” bracing at the rear of the vehicle to add additional structural integrity.

No Sporty AMG Option

If the standard cabriolet E-Class isn’t fast enough for you, you’ll have to modify it on your own, because Mercedes doesn’t plan on offering a more powerful AMG edition of the vehicle. That means you’ll have to be content with the power that’s offered by the convertible, or go with a coupe instead.

Overall the latest E-Class cabriolet is impressive. It’s very different from the old model in style and has some nice improvements to the top and to the overall structure, making it a more solid vehicle than the last. It’s a nice improvement for the right person.


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