This Luxurious Mercedes Convertible SUV Will Cost More than 200k

The Mercedes Benz Maybach line is one of the most exciting for luxury enthusiasts because it takes the beauty, quality and offering up to a whole new level. The Maybach vehicles are beautifully appointed, with features that only executives can afford in many instances. They’re show vehicles for sure, and only released in limited quantities compared to other Mercedes vehicles sold today. Up until now all the Maybach variations of Mercedes vehicles were cars, but the very first SUV is being put together for release. It’s expected to be designed on top of the G-Class vehicles for a very capable vehicle.


The G650 Landaulet

The high luxury SUV is to be dubbed the G650 Langaulet and will be released sometime in March at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show. Landaulet signifies a sedan that opens up in the back for a full open-air experience, similar to a convertibles but better. This is likely a feature that will be worked into the SUV, for a truly inspiring vehicle that will work impressively well for stargazing.

Supreme Comfort Features

At the rear of the vehicle the two seats are expected to come with massage features as well as temperature controlled cup holders and two entertainment screens for media viewing. There will also be high grade leather trim throughout, nice diamond stitching and three different colors to choose from for the roof of the vehicle. There will also be folding tables, making it easy to consume meals, use laptop computers or take care of writing tasks while on the go. This is the ideal executive vehicle with all the features for comfortable riding around town.

Off-Road Prowess

While you would have to be nuts to take this high-priced SUV off-roading, with 18 inches of ground clearance it should be able to handle rough terrain when it must.

It will come equipped with a V-12 engine rated at about 621 HP, meaning that you’ll be able to go as fast as you need to when the moment calls for it. There’s no pricing information, but you can expect to pay at least $200,000 and the price will likely exceed $220,000 with all the features that are packed into this high-class SUV.

Overall this luxury SUV will be something to pay attention to. It will be extremely well-appointed and a vehicle that you won’t want to get out of, that is if you can manage to afford one. It will be sold in very low quantities of course, but should be a good option for the right people.


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