20 Customers Get an Electric Mercedes Semi for a Year

Mercedes engineered a high quality electric semi truck that’s meant for commercial use in urban areas. This heavy-duty truck relies solely on battery power and has an impressive range, while being whisper quiet. It’s meant to tackle close-quarters driving around thick cities, and that’s exactly how 20 of the models are going to be tested for the next year.

The Test Process

Mercedes Benz is working with 20 business owners that make use of heavy-duty trucks on ar egular basis. They could be in local transport, waste disposal or other industries that rely on transporting goods. The owners decided to work with the truck for the next year, and Mercedes is going to be supporting the vehicles the whole time and working to make sure they operate properly.

 Beta Testing the New Truck

This period should be though of as a beta test for electric vehicles from Mercedes. They get to watch how the vehicles perform in a commercial setting and see everything that they are able to accomplish throughout that period. It will be interesting to see how an EV is able to tackle serious working conditions.

A Quieter Garbage Truck

One very positive use of this vehicle will be as an early-morning garbage truck. It’s whisper quiet thanks to its electric motor, meaning that the truck can travel around while people are sleeping without waking them up. That’s a pretty cool benefit of the commercial vehicle, and something that Mercedes has to brag about.

A Decent Range

This commercial vehicle isn’t meant for long-range driving, and it has a range of about 120 miles on a single charge, but it can manage a total payload of up to 12.8 tons which is pretty impressive. This is enough range to get around town quite a bit throughout the day, and for some companies it will handle a full day of driving in slower conditions.

More EVs in the Future

Mercedes plans on pushing out its electric trucks to more customers in the future, but that’s not the most exciting part of this experiment. It should also be viewed as a proving ground for other EVs from Mercedes. If the automaker makes a good solid EV truck that handles regular heavy use in a commercial setting, that same tech can be translated into a range of other EVs from the automaker that could benefit more customers in the future.


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