Mercedes Shows off the AMG GT Concept Car

Mercedes wanted to come out strong to the Geneva Motor Show this year, and the automaker managed to do so with its AMG GT concept car. Obviously it’s not a production vehicle and things are going to change between this version and the final AMG car, but according to experts changes won’t be as great as you might expect. If you want to know what’s in store from the next Mercedes AMG, take a good hard look at what the production car has to offer, it’s pretty impressive.

It’s a Good Representation of the Final AMG Sports Car

The most exciting thing about this show car put on display by Mercedes is that it’s very close to what the final AMG sports car is going to look like. According to company reps, it’s about 90% the same as the vehicle that will eventually be released by Mercedes. That’s pretty close, which means that many of the features being demonstrated by the powerhouse of a car will show up in the final version as well. Generally-speaking, automakers change their concept vehicles much more than 10% before putting out the final release, and it’s cool that Mercedes isn’t going in that direction as well.

Supremely Stylish

With so many muscle cars out on the road today, style is pretty darned important as a differentiator for an automaker like Mercedes Benz. More than anything it’s the looks and setup of the car that sets it apart from the other high-powered vehicles on the road. It features some pretty cool accents you won’t find on many other vehicles. The gold tires and bronze brake calipers are two details that stand out nicely while matching the red color scheme of the car. It also lacks exterior mirrors and instead makes use of a set of cameras and displays for looking behind the vehicle while driving. It has bulging muscles, with a large, deeply-creased hood, a beefy front grill, and massive air intakes that all come together to give the car that signature super-car appearance.

Positively Packed with Power

With a total of 805 HP on tap, this monster of a demo car is supremely powerful and it accomplishes it all with a hybrid electric motor that promises excellent early acceleration as well. It’s unclear how much of that engine setup is going to make it into the final production version of the vehicle, but we have to imagine that at least a good portion of the power will be retained to help fill out the muscular look of the vehicle.

If the AMG GT concept is a good indication of what’s to come from Mercedes, and it should be pretty accurate, then there’s a lot to look forward to in the final AMG sports car that’s set to be released later on this year.


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