Introducing the All New Mercedes SUV Coupe

Mercedes is coming out with an interesting vehicle that essentially takes an SUV and puts it into the body of an over-sized coupe. The end result is the Mercedes GLC 300 coupe and it’s an interesting and almost cute vehicle that many people will be proud to drive around in. It’s got a lot to offer as compared to a standard coupe, and fits a smaller form-factor than a traditional SUV.

It Handles Rough Spots Better than a Standard Coupe

While this little coupe has many SUV-like properties, like rugged handling, it’s compact and fun to drive as well. The little crossover is a smooth and capable ride, and that makes it particularly enjoyable to go exploring in. You’ll always be ready to take on the terrain, even if it becomes a bit rougher than expected. You also won’t have to worry about adverse weather because you’ll enjoy capable handling in the smaller coupe body.

Ample Power

With 241 HP on tap, this little crossover can really move. It excels at accelerating and does so very smoothly. You’ll love stomping down on the accelerator, and you may even notice the power more in the stubby body of the GLC300 Coupe.

Cool Sedan/SUV Styling

It’s hard to say exactly what this vehicle is by looking at it. It appears to be a blend of an SUV and a  coupe. It comes with a muscular front end, a swooped rear end, and massive wheels that give it a cool and almost unique appearance that you won’t see out on the road often. For this reason the coupe stands out everywhere that you go, and drivers are sure to hear their share of remarks. Still, it’s hard to deny that it’s a sharp looking vehicle.

Beautiful Within

The coupe doesn’t just look nice on the outside, it has one of the best interiors that we’ve seen on a Mercedes in quite some time. It comes with classy seat materials such as multi-tone leather that’s soft and fitted with added perks like ventilation and heat. The SUV comes with a curvaceous mid-console that’s fitted with a pretty major infotainment unit similar in appearance to a classy tablet.

Priced Close to the GLC SUV

While this vehicle is considered a premium upgrade to the standard GLC SUV, it doesn’t come at much of an added cost at all. It comes standard with the 4Matic all-wheel-drive system, and comes standard with 19-inch wheels, and LED headlights. These features add money to the GLC SUV and if you intend to get those upgrades anyway, the cost difference is pretty narrow between the SUV and the crossover-coupe vehicle we’re discussing here. What it really comes down to is the look that you enjoy the most, because there are a lot of similarities between the two vehicles otherwise.

If you want many of the perks of an SUV, built into a more compact body, the 2017 Mercedes GLC300 Coupe could be the vehicle for you. It’s certainly a unique product that will catch an eye or two while driving around.


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