The New Mercedes Benz S-Class Brings Exciting Automated Drive Features with It


Most people already expect the Mercedes S-Class sedan to be a stylish and sporty vehicle that features cutting-edge technology, but few are expecting the level of tech that’s going to be included in the next lineup of sedans from Mercedes. Each of the vehicles is set to come with a full suite of drive-assistance tools to help you make the most of whatever trip you decide to take. Below is an overview of the tech that’s going to come packed into the car and why it’s so revolutionary.

DISTRONIC Active Proximity Assist

The new and improved DISTRONIC Active Proximity Assist system is designed to help you gauge the distance from other vehicles on the road more effectively and aid in things like accident prevention and smoother adaptive cruise control. It relies on more powerful sensors with more effective algorithms to predict patterns effectively and let you know what to do out on the road. The proximity system ties in with an emergency stop assistant that will slow your car down in the event of a major issue up ahead in the road.

Active Steer Assist and Lane Change

Thanks to the new DISTRONIC proximity system and GPS integration, the Active Steer Assist system included on the new S-Class is more powerful than ever before. It’s designed to help a driver keep a good distance from surrounding vehicles, while also adjusting the speed of the vehicle based on predictive traffic patterns as well as upcoming curves in the road. The end result is that the vehicle will maintain a comfortable speed that results in more moderate braking and acceleration to give you a smoother drive in cruise control.

The built-in system also helps with lane changes and will make sure that your blind spots are safe before you move from one lane to another. It’s instrumental to keep you safe while driving, and a pretty major upgrade over the old system.

Traffic Sign Assist

The new S-Class will also be able to read some road signs while travelling around. It will know the speed limit as you travel and help you maintain the proper speed. It will see things like stop signs and caution signs and help make you aware of them. The system is not perfect, but it will help the driver avoid missing important signs while driving around, which is a pretty common issue.

All these advanced safety systems will make the S-Class safer than ever to drive, while also making it more convenient as well. The safety features aren’t all that’s going to be added though. Infotainment improvements are guaranteed, as well as a whole new line of turbo-charged engines that are likely to be more efficient and maybe more powerful as well.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the next S-Class lineup, and there’s sure to be more announcements to come before it’s finally released to the public.


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