Mercedes Partners with Bosch for Autonomous Driving

Mercedes Benz just recently teamed up with Bosch to make self-driving cars available sooner than many of its competitors. The luxury car giant is well-known for offering cutting edge features and vehicles that stand out above the rest. With help from Bosch the it just might be possible to release self-driving vehicles that haven’t been made before.

Why Bosch?

Bosch is a well-known automotive components supplier. By working closely with the giant supply company, it will be easier for Mercedes Benz to get the components necessary to make effective self-driving vehicles at an affordable price point. The company will have all the tools, equipment and parts to test out new ideas and come up with autonomous driving setups that work effectively.

Beating out Competitors

Most car companies developing autonomous vehicles currently have a deadline of 2021 for their release date. By shooting for 2020 Mercedes Benz and Bosch could really benefit and capture a significant market share. The other automakers would be making it late to the party and wouldn’t benefit from as many sales as Mercedes for that reason.

The Release Date

There’s no exact release date, but Mercedes Benz is shooting for the year 2020 for its self-driving cars. The automaker will be working hard to meet this deadline and will advance its technology dramatically in an effort to create cars that are self-driving within the next 3 years. There’s no guarantee that this is going to happen, but with the partnership between Mercedes and Bosch, it seems like a good possibility.

Using the Cars

These self-driving cars will likely be sold to private owners, and licensed as taxis to businesses that want to run a taxi service, Mercedes itself might even release a ride-sharing service or a taxi service after coming out with these advanced vehicles.


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