Mercedes to Use X-Rays to Improve Car Safety

Mercedes Benz is known for having safe vehicles that are reliable, even when in accidents. That’s because the automaker is constantly looking for new and or effective ways to build safe vehicles and to figure out how to improve them. One way that Mercedes is now doing that is through the use of X-rays during crash tests. With the power of X-rays the company hopes to figure out new ways to improve its vehicle lineup and safety.

Why X-Rays?

During crash incidents Mercedes can’t see what’s happening with all the vehicle components. That means the automaker doesn’t have all the information on what is happening during the event. Through the use of real-time cameras and X-ray technology, Mercedes might be able to keep a closer eye over what is happening to its vehicles during a crash test.

Timing the Test Properly

In order to make the most of this technology, Mercedes has to run rapid cameras during actual crash events along with X-ray technology to capture what’s happening to the vehicle itself. Mercedes is hopeful that the cameras will capture some important data that can be instrumental in figuring out what improvements needs to be made to their vehicles.

Mercedes will rely on real-time software surveillance along with the new X-ray tech to figure out what enhancements need to be made and what aspects of the vehicles are doing fine already. This should help to make new vehicles sold by Mercedes a whole lot safer. Future vehicles sold by the automaker are likely to be stronger and to stand up to an impact more effectively because of the test results, but that hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

Leveraging Valuable Insight

Mercedes Benz engineers will take a look at the still images captured by the X-ray cameras and come up with improvements that make the most of this information. That means that the next lineup of Mercedes vehicles will be able to stand up to accidents more effectively, and that they can be counted on compared to the other vehicles out on the road.


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