2018 Mercedes S-Class to Come with Major Safety Enhancements

Safety technology is increasingly becoming important to vehicle owners, which is likely the primary reason the 2018 S-Class received so many different safety and tech improvements. It comes fitted with more safety technology than ever before, and should make driving safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Below is an overview of the changes the 2018 S-Class comes with, read through to find out what you can expect.

More Sophisticated Vision

Safety equipment today is largely automated avoidance technology, and for that to work the vehicle needs to see down the road effectively. The Mercedes Benz S-Class comes equipped with more capable cameras than ever before. Both the radar and cameras work out to a longer range, making them more useful for collision avoidance.

Navigation Connected Adaptive Cruise

The 2018 S-Class also gets an enhanced adaptive cruise setup that works along with the navigation system of the vehicle to make automatic driving more comfortable and safer. The vehicle will use the built-in nav system to look for bends in the road, speed limit changes and other adjustments that would require deceleration and it will respond to them. That means your vehicle will slow down for sharp bends in the road all without you having to do a thing. It’s an enhancement that every vehicle with adaptive cruise should have, and it’s a great feature that S-Class owners will seriously enjoy. If a specific route is entered into the vehicle, it will also slow when approaching the right exit that needs to be taken, making it easier to decide where to go.

Auto Lane Change with Ease

During adaptive cruise the S-Class can automatically change lanes as well, you just need to indicate that that’s what you want to do. In order to do this you just bump the turn signal in the direction that you want to go, and the vehicle will take care of the lane change for you. In the old S-Class it was necessary to hold the turn signal stalk the entire time the lane change was occurring, but this requirement has been removed, making changes quick and convenient.

Automatically Stop the Vehicle

Drivers of the S-Class enjoy pushing the limits of cruise control and lane-change assist, but the 2018 model watches out to make sure the driver is paying attention and that they have control of the wheel. If the vehicle detects the driver is not prepared to take over control of the vehicle, it will put on the hazard lights, mover over to the side of the road and unlock all the doors, making it easy for passengers to get out if the driver really is incapacitated.

The 2018 Mercedes Benz S-Class is more capable than ever before, and it makes driving safer than ever before. It’s exciting to have this technology at your disposal, and the tech makes an upgrade worthwhile.


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