Mercedes to Start Sourcing More From America

Mercedes Benz may soon start sourcing more of its parts locally in the American marketplace according to experts from within the company. This news comes after there’s been an increased focus surrounding American-made parts, and Mercedes believes that the move will actually be an opportunity for it to save money supplying its Alabama-based factory.

Making the Plant More Efficient

Mercedes Benz has a plant in Tuscaloosa Alabama and it sources parts from all over the world to carry out its operations. The automaker is hoping to persuade suppliers to begin setting up operations nearby to its home location. This will make the operating tasks more efficient and should make Mercedes vehicles produced at the factory more affordable to produce.

Off to a Good Start

Mercedes is already off to a good start with its C-Class model vehicles. The vehicles are made with roughly 80 percent parts sourced from Canada and the United States. That’s a big increase from about 55% back in 2016. The GLE vehicles are also built with more American-made parts and uses about 65% domestic parts.

Automakers that offer vehicles in the US are beginning to move back into the United States with increased pressure from the American Consumer as well as from politicians. Mercedes is likely to continue its efforts to bring more suppliers to US soil and eventually it could become an even stronger supporter of the United States as the majority of its parts and work is located within the country. For now it’s off to a good start and the C-Class vehicle is an excellent option for American buyers looking for domestic vehicles to purchase.


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